custom portrait service

Summer 2024 Early Bird Special Deal

custom portrait service

your portrait

Here you can order a very special portrait: it will not be an exact copy of a photograph but something completely new where the background and elements in the painting will contribute to revealing your personality and interests.

the offer

Before the official launch I want to improve customer communication, workflow and timing, so this summer I am offering the service at a special price to those who want to participate in this optimisation phase.

Make sure you book before the available places run out!


features and prices

The portrait will be painted with acrylic colours on a thick sheet of watercolour paper and is shipped rolled up in a sturdy cardboard tube.

There are 2 price ranges depending on the size of the painting:

  • Medium, 50×70 cm: 490.00€
  • Large, 70×100 cm: 870.oo€



follow these steps to order your portrait

1) reference photos and questionnaire

write me at answering the following questions:

1. Which painting size do you prefer?

Thinking about where you want to hang it can help you decide its size and whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical format

2. Who is in the portrait?

Is it you? a loved one? you+a loved one? (it could also be a pet)

3. Are you thinking of a face, torso or full figure portrait?

if you don’t know yet don’t worry, we can evaluate it together during the call

4. Tell me something about you

How would you describe your personality?
What are your passions?
What would you like to communicate through the portrait?
Are there elements that represent you that you would like to include in the painting? What are the colors you like?
Please add anything that is important to you!

4. Photos to use as reference

Please provide.:
– 3 or 4 photos you like where you feel like yourself
if you take the pictures with a cell phone, try to take them from a sufficient distance so that the lens does not change your features.

5. 3 time /date when you are available for an online meeting

2) zoom call

Depending on the availability you have indicated in the e-mail I will send you an invitation for an online meeting.

We will talk about you, the material you have sent me and I will present my ideas. 

I’ll send you a digital sketch in a few days.

3) sketch & revisions

You will receive a presentation with a summary of what we talked about and a sketch of the portrait.
Look it over carefully and report back to me if any changes are necessary.
I offer 2 loops of revisions so you can be sure to get something that totally represents you :)

4) payment and order confirmation

When you are satisfied with the sketch, proceed with the payment and I will start working on the actual portrait, a few weeks of waiting … and you will receive your portrait at home!

IMPORTANT NOTE: as this is a commissioned work, returns and refunds are not permitted

Do you have any questions?

write to me at and I will be happy to answer!